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Surgical treatment of complex lateral hernia with large abdominal wall defect

P004 Mendel

Background: Complex lateral abdominal wall defects are challenging for surgical treatment.

Methods: We are presenting a case of successful treatment of patient with large lateral postoperative ventral hernia with soft tissue defect of the abdominal wall. Hernia was developed as result of combat trauma. Patient underwent multiple previous operations with bowel and iliac crest resections.

Patient had right lateral abdominal scar after skin graft with defect of aponeurosis, lateral abdominal muscles and iliac crest. Hernia size was 15 cm in length and from 8,5 to 11 cm width located from inguinal to lumbar area. Rectus abdominal muscles were preserved, deviated to the left side...

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Двухсторонняя паховая грыжа в телепрограмме (2018)

Хирургическое лечение двухсторонней паховой грыжи больших размеров в телепрограмме «Я соромлюсь свого тіла», выпуск 5 от 01.03.18, телеканал СТБ.

Операция и результат https://youtu.be/4LOxkV1uBfg?t=2h9s

(начало 02:00:09, окончание 02:05:52).

Описание истории пациента — https://youtu.be/4LOxkV1uBfg?t=1h44m58s

(начало 01:44:58, окончание 01:53:02)



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